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CID Bio-Science Updates Field Spectrometer to Measure Plant Physiology

CID Bio-Science Updates Field Spectrometer to Measure Plant Physiology

The CI-710 Field Spectrometer will be one of the CID Bio-Science innovations at the 2019 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting, to be held in San Antonio, Texas.

New tech will be the focus of US firm CID Bio-Science, Inc. at the 2019 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting, one of the largest global gatherings of scientists and researchers in the plant and environmental science community in November.

The conference, Embracing the Digital Environment, is being organized by the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and the Soil Science Society of America. It is set to attract upwards of 4,000 scientists, professionals, educators, and students.

The gathering will serve as an ideal platform for CID to demonstrate its latest advancement in plant physiology measurement – the newly updated and redesigned CI-710 Field Spectrometer, for near infrared plant analysis.

Due for release in early 2020, the Spectrometer is a dramatically updated version of its CI-710 Miniature Lead Spectrometer predecessor, and measures transmittance, reflectance and absorbance in leaves. All built into a single, hand-held and portable unit, measurements by the Field Spectrometer are done 100% non-destructively in the field, with no damage to the leaf and plant.

“The pure research capabilities of this instrument are at the core of our redesign and update. Myriad insights can be generated by the researcher, exposing relationships between breeding, environment, nutrients, water availability, climate, and plant health or stress”, Scott Trimble, Marketing Director of CID Bio-Science commented. “This tool truly levels up any research into plant stress response.” 

 The Field Spectrometer can be used for the quantification of chemical concentrations, color analysis, the study of photochemical reactions such as photosynthesis, and the quantification of physical or optical properties such as film thickness, index of refraction, and extinction coefficient. Measurements can then be used to evaluate abiotic and biotic plant stress.

The device comes with SpectraSnap! Software which allows researchers to calculate and analyze many different indices across a spectrum of 380 – 1100 nm, rapidly estimating plant properties.

Experts will be on hand to demo CID’s range of products and, as with every ASA/CSSA/SSSA event, the CID team is looking forward to reconnecting with many of its customers. 

About CID Bio-Science

With instruments featured in over 2,000 peer reviewed research papers, CID Bio-Science boasts 30 years of experience in developing field instruments for plant researchers. The Camas, Washington-based company is highly regarded in the academic community as a manufacturer of portable, precise instruments helping the environmental, climate, and biology-focused researchers gather data in their areas of study.





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