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Leaf toppers, to make easier the harvesting of potatoes

Leaf toppers, to make easier the harvesting of potatoes

The leaf toppers, by FORIGO, are specific machines for the foliage and stalks shredding on the potato beds surface, allowing an easier harvesting process. The high raised shape of the frame and the blades length and their position on the rotor allow a precise and fast cut matching the bed profile.

A unique fixed machine model is suited for the three-main seeding beds interaxis (75/80/90 cm) and it can be front driven or pulled by the tractor.

Characteristics of the basic machine

  • Universal 3 point linkage Cat. 2
  • Machine with reversible option predisposition
  • Gearbox 540-1000 rpm PTO with overrun clutch
  • Automatic belt tensioner on spring
  • Transmission driven by toothed belts
  • Rotor fitting Potatoes Blades
  • Stand feet
  • Easy access greasing points
  • Opening hoods for inspection
  • Pair of rear wheels adjustable by crank handles
  • Front and rear shaped protections

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The Roter Italia Company begins its business journey in 1972, when the Forigo brothers gave birth to their first power arrow inside the small factory of Salizzole, in the province of Verona. Afterwards the headquarters was moved to Ostiglia (Mantua) in a wider area (25.000 sq.m.); the headquarters is currently there.

The name Roter Italia comes exactly from that power arrow: Roter stands for “revolve” and it is connected to the revolution of these tools during their soil crumbling performance; Italia defines where the Forigo machines are produced. The entire Roter Italia production is settled in Italy and it’s distributed by the brand FORIGO. The production is split into two lines:
Classic line concerning the agricultural sector: power arrow, rotary tillers, shredders, leaf toppers
Special line concerning the horticoltural sector, gardening and specialty crops: stone burier, bed former, polyformer, ridger, mulching machines and sterilizers for the application liquid or solid fumigants products into the soil.

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