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Polar pesticide multi-method

Polar pesticide multi-method

bilacon – A Tentamus Company

The world population is expected to grow by 2.35 billion people over the next 35 years. The use of pesticides therefore is unavoidable for human nutrition. Pesticides are substances that prevent harmful organisms from affecting plants and animals, thus ensuring agricultural yields and consequently the availability of food.

Polar pesticides are widely used in agriculture as a total herbicide, growth regulator, ripening accelerator or fungicide. Studies indicate partial toxicological effects of the compounds. Through extensive application, polar pesticides are effective against biodiversity and promote resistances that require greater use.

The analysis of polar pesticides by liquid chromatography is difficult due to the high polarity. Up to now, extraction using QuPPe and separation using numerous different individual methods has made analysis complex and expensive.

The aim of bilacon was to develop a robust and sensitive multi-analyte method without time-, work- or cost-intensive steps for polar pesticides. The LC-MS/MS method contains the detection of ten polar pesticides and their metabolites or counterion. Glyphosates, Ampa, Trimesium (TMS), Chlormequat, Mepiquat, Phosphonic acid, Fosethyl, Perchlorate, Chlorate and lastly Ethephon were successfully validated on different fruit and vegetables as well as grain matrices.

With the polar multi-method polar +, it is possible to detect applications in one run without changing the polarity and chromatography. This flexibility allows screening for unconventional applications of polar pesticides.

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Source: Polar pesticide multi-method polar+ by Presse Box

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