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First flexible rolling door to be repeated in Quik’s new potato storage

First flexible rolling door to be repeated in Quik’s new potato storage

Gerrit Oomen: “Doors aren’t in the way and are very sturdy”

Limited space in the reception hall was the reason to purchase a flexible rolling door for potato wholesaler Quik’s Verse Aardappelen in 2013. “We were looking for a sturdy door that wouldn’t be broken the minute a fork-lift truck accidentally bumps into it,” says manager Gerrit Oomen. “That’s why we went to the Belgian auction to see the doors in action, and we immediately bought one.”

“We’ve now been completely satisfied with the door for five years. It’s not in the way of anything, rolls up easily and looks good. The door is also well-isolated for the potato storage,” Gerrit says. Quik’s has also chosen six Isoroll doors of BG Door from Barendrecht for the new company building, which has now been taken into use. “The price wasn’t a showstopper, it was in conformity with the market of other isolated doors.”

BG Door was surprised by Quik’s’ choice for their doors, because these door are mostly used by auctions and fresh produce distribution companies.

The door therefore was a first for potato storage. “The major advantages of these flexible rolling doors are that they have a high isolation value, combined with a low weight, and they can be used by temperatures from -35 ºC to 90 ºC.

The deur panel consists of two layers of PVC Trevira with an isolating polyether of 40 – 60 or 80 mm, which has an isolating value of K=0.3 / 0.5 W/md2K,” says Willem van der Does.

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