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Innovative steam disinfection with the Steam’R machine from SIMON

Innovative steam disinfection with the Steam’R machine from SIMON

Simon is stepping up marketing efforts for its new range of soil steam disinfection machines. Manufacturer Simon emphasises the numerous advantages of its Steam’R products:

  • High performance: the Steam’R range is equipped with latest generation boilers, combining thermal performance with high efficiency, thanks to the use of superheated steam, which actually optimises transport of the steam to the steam plates without resulting in excessive fuel consumption.
  • Optimisation: the innovative design of the steam plates ensures optimal distribution of steam across the entire surface and depth of the area to be treated.
  • Speed: the Steam’R is more than five times faster than its competitors (including movement between cycles). This results in a work output that is between 20% and 25% faster. Consumption per hectare is therefore also reduced at an equal rate. All of this is combined with significant noise reduction.
  • Communication: the Steam’R gives you real-time updates of the situation.
  • Intelligent: the Steam’R automatically stops once it has finished or if it detects a problem.
  • Practical and easy to use: easy maintenance, and practical and automatic application thanks to assisted steam plates that fold away during transportation or when manoeuvring in open fields.
  • Easy to manoeuvre: say goodbye to endless manoeuvres at the bottom of the field – the Steam’R has the smallest possible turning radius, and can be manoeuvred using just one hand…

Everything you could possibly want from your machine has been carefully taken into consideration with the new Steam’R range.

  • Warranty: no need for an extended warranty, the Steam’R is covered for 2 years.

So, what are you waiting for – discover the new Steam’r Range

4 models available: One 3.600 and one 3.1000 three-wing Steam‘R model, one 4.800 four-wing Steam’R model and one 5.1000 five-wing Steam’R model.

Details: 1 hectare in 38 hours, fuel consumption 2,580 litres/hectare, water consumption 4,000 litres/hectare (dependant on conditions).

Download the brochureA3 STEAMR 2018-FREN

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