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Antonio Carraro at Agrilevante with innovations in compact tractors

Antonio Carraro at Agrilevante with innovations in compact tractors
  • Visit the Antonio Carraro stand at Agrilevante, from 5 to 8 OCTOBER 2023, Bari (Italy). Stand C26-New pavilion


19.09.2023 – ENGLISH

Tony Series: the best of AC hydrostatics

The TONY Series is the star of Agrilevante 2023. It is made up of models with hybrid mechanical-hydrostatic transmission that operate with software: TONY 11700 V, TONY V narrow and TONY V super narrow 1m, conventional frame tractors; Mach 4 TONY, the first reversible quadricycle with cab, articulated frame and hydrostatic transmission, which was a finalist in the Best of Specialized category for Tractor of the Year 2023. The latest born TONY 8900 TRG under was awarded the “Segnalazione” prize in the Agrilevante 2023 Technical Innovation Contest.

The TONY series represents the cutting edge of AC production. It consists of models with a hybrid mechanical-hydrostatic transmission managed by software with SIM – Shift In Motion technology: it offers 4 electronically controlled speed ranges, which can be engaged from standstill or on the move. It is a compact transmission with automatic functions managed by the ITAC (Intelligent Tractor AC) operating system, such as the Tractor Management Control (TMC) which simplifies all driver operations. This centralised control is designed to ensure that the tractor is always working in optimum conditions, in terms of cost savings and productivity. The system ensures several functions, including the maintenance of its parameters during work, even when changing uphill and downhill gradients. ITAC contains all the tractor diagnostic monitoring and safety systems for scheduled vehicle maintenance. The operator can set, customise and save the parameters for each task and access any chosen combination when necessary, as well as make changes during the different phases according to any variation in terrain and crop type. Its speed is independent of the engine revolutions: both can be programmed separately. The speed range goes from 40 m/h to 40 km/h.


New TONY 8900 TRG “Low”

The Tony 8900 TRG “Low” is a specialised, directional, reversible tractor with different wheel sizes and hydrostatic transmission, specialised in the cultivation of citrus, olive and fruit trees, as well as in vineyard work on steep slopes. This tractor has different sized wheels which provide excellent traction and ground grip even on extremely steep slopes, and the smaller front wheels also allow for very precise steering. It is equipped with a Kubota 4-cylinder, electronically injected engine with 74.2 hp and a torque of 305 Nm at 1,500 rpm. Add all these features together and you get a compact, stable tractor with excellent ground clearance and optimum power at low engine speeds, which translates into greater comfort thanks to reduced vibrations and very low noise levels. This tractor has been designed to have a very low centre of gravity and consequently has the lowest driver’s seat on the market and has been awarded the “Segnalazione” prize in the Agrilevante 2023 Technical Innovation Competition.



TONY 8700 V / 11700 V – New hydrostatic conventional-frame tractors

Finalist in the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2021 awards, the Tony V represents AC’s first conventional frame, single-directional, cab-equipped tractor and thus expands AC’s already extensive range of “tailor-made” models for each and every AC customer.

The conventional frame tractors of the Tony V series are now available with two 2924 cc, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, 2924 cc, direct injection, common rail, intercooled, 4-cylinder Deutz turbodiesel engines. In both versions, the dimensions remain compact, with a minimum width of only 980 mm.

Tony 8700 V > Max. power 75 hp at 2000 rpm/ Max. torque 375 Nm at 1400 rpm
Tony 11700 V > Max. power 110 hp @ 2000 rpm/ Max. torque 420 Nm @ 1600 rpm

Tony 8700 V

Tony 8700 V

The TONY V tractors are equipped with digital functions that simplify the task at hand. They are versatile tractors, designed for row crops and specialists in precision tasks for operators who need to work with a combination of different equipment. Operating comfort is provided by a large driver’s seat with ergonomically positioned controls. In addition, the machine’s versatility of use is ensured by the possibility of attaching rear, front and front-end equipment. Its design and construction make it particularly agile in places where manoeuvrability and trajectory precision are crucial.

The hydraulic system consists of mechanical gear pumps and a variable piston hydraulic pump. Load sensing management and an oversized piping circuit reduce pressure losses, allowing it to operate at low engine speeds with high hydraulic flow rates. It offers a solution that drastically reduces environmental impact (CO2) by reducing fuel consumption. The hydraulic tank capacity is 35 litres and has two zero pressure outlets: one at the rear and one in the belly section, a hydraulic flow rate of up to 137 l/min (with extra flow) and a variable displacement pump that is only activated when in use. The hydraulic system offers up to 9 independent double-acting electronic spool valves (4 + 1 REP (front) rear and 5 ventral).

TONY V tractors are equipped as standard with the AIR V cab, which features the most technologically advanced driving position in the entire AC range. The driving position is located on a spacious platform suspended on silent-blocks. The low centre of gravity and minimalist central tunnel facilitate operator access and provide a comfortable, anti-fatigue position. During work, there is a direct view over the rear equipment, giving the operator the feeling of being “above” it. The smaller front wheels provide a 55° turning angle with an extremely tight turning radius. The four-post cab is spacious and equipped with every comfort; it has automatic climate control, controllable from the digital display on the driver’s console. It is pressurised to Cat. 2 or 4 and is FOPS and ROPS approved.

All the running lights are LED and the rear lights are integrated into the roof: their elevated position is useful for increasing visibility in the space around the tractor, even with mounted equipment. The rear-view mirrors are electrically adjustable.


Mach4 TONY – Quad track with hydrostatic transmission – FINALIST Tractor of the Year 2023 – Best of Specialized

Available with two 73.2 HP Stage 5 and 96.7 HP 3B engines for the Italian market, the Mach4 TONY is a unique model: it is a reversible quad-track tractor, equipped with 4 rubber tracks with a minimum width of 1300 mm, with hydrostatic transmission on an articulated chassis. It has a pressurised and air-conditioned AIR cab with ROPS – FOPS Cat. 4 certification. It is a tractor with interconnectable electronics suitable for Agriculture 4.0 that can guarantee maximum efficiency in crop spraying while respecting the plant cover in sophisticated organic farming processes. This tractor adapts well to working conditions that other tractors find impractical, offering stability and operational safety at the highest level.

The 4-track is an AC solution developed and tested in 2007, which has seen the introduction of the new rubber “Tracks” capable of delivering high performance in the field, with minimal soil compaction and able to offer excellent performance when performing tasks on vertical or side slopes, on slippery terrain, in mud and sand. Their maximum speed with road homologation (not granted to classic tracked vehicles) is 30 km/h.

Mach4 TONY

The supercompacts with mechanical gearbox – The Tora series: 50 – 66 hp professionals

The Tora Series offers unprecedented technical solutions and hydraulic capabilities for the 50 to 60 hp power range. The gearbox and PTO are the same as those used on the flagship AC Series. The driver’s seat is located on a platform suspended on silent-blocks to ensure maximum operating comfort.

Overall dimensions are extremely compact on all models with 52 and 66 hp engines, available in 6 different configurations with an articulated ACTIO™ swing frame or with steering wheels, monodirectional or with RGS™ reversible steering. What sets this tractor series apart is its advanced hydraulics and high-level operating comfort, all geared towards optimising operating costs.


SN 6800 V – Narrow 66 hp one-track tractor

The SN 6800 V is the narrowest isodiametric one-way tractor with articulated frame in the entire Tora series. It is a specialised tractor with a sleek, compact design, wrap-around mudguards, flush sides and a low driver’s seat – essential for agile manoeuvring through vegetation and between the narrowest, lowest crop rows. Thanks to its articulated chassis and short wheelbase, this model offers a tight turning radius. The minimum available width of this model is only 98 cm. It is equipped with double oil-immersed disc brakes and an integrated mechanical super brake system.


In addition to working in narrow swaths, the SN is also designed to work in greenhouses, in the tightest of spaces or where a short-radius slalom movement is required. Its perfect weight distribution guaranteed by the ACTIO™ chassis on all four drive wheels ensures grip, stability and safety even on slopes. The powerful Load Sensing hydraulic system, with a flow rate of more than 50 l/min, allows the tractor to be used with a wide range of implements. As optional equipment, the new soundproofed and air-conditioned REDCab* 4-post cab ensures easy access and maximum visual control when working between rows with sprayers, mulchers and inter-rowers and any other specialised, multi-functional equipment.




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