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Developing a field robot to plant potatoes

Developing a field robot to plant potatoes

Wageningen University and several machine manufacturers work on Robotti, a  field robot to plants potatoes, explains Future Farming


For the first time, potatoes have been planted with the help of a field robot in the Netherlands. It’s part of a research project that aims to find out whether potatoes can be cultivated more efficiently with less heavy machines.

The trial was carried out with the Agrointelli Robotti, an autonomous tool carrier that can independently perform various activities. For this purpose, the robot was coupled to a trailed four-row Miedema CP 42 planter.


Robotti had difficulty getting the planter moving

The Robotti was just able to pull the partially filled planter, which weighs approximately 2.4 tons when unfilled. Especially from a standstill, the robot had some difficulty getting the planter moving, experienced Bram Veldhuisen, the robot specialist at Wageningen University.

The Robotti field robot weighs approximately 2.8 tons and has two Kubota diesel engines. One 75 hp engine is for propulsion and the other 75 hp engine is for the PTO and external hydraulics. Robotti navigates using RTK GPS.


Robotisation project of Wageningen University, Agrointelli and Dewulf

The trial is part of the robotisation project of Wageningen University, Agrointelli and Dewulf. Part of the demonstration plot of the PotatoEurope fair has been reserved for this near the city of Lelystad. During PotatoEurope, the Robotti will also harvest the potatoes.






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