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Postharvest UV-C light treatment reduces Rhizopus decay in yellow bell pepper

Postharvest UV-C light treatment reduces Rhizopus decay in yellow bell pepper

By Juan L. Valenzuela et al., VIII International Postharvest Symposium

The effects of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) radiation on postharvest quality in 8 yellow bell pepper cvs. during cold storage were investigated.

Fully colored yellow bell fruits of eight cultivars (Prometeo, Lores, Moises, Dorado, Orguste, Prometeo deviro, AR37593 and DRP2148) were obtained from a commercial greenhouse in Almeria (Spain). The fruits were harvested at the commercial maturity and screened for uniformity and free from physical damages and diseases.

Yellow bell peppers, arranged in plastic trays in a single layer were placed 50 cm from the light source and treated with UV-C ligth (254 nm) at various doses. The intensity of radiation was 108±10 mW/cm2 and radiation doses were varied using exposure time (0, 1, 3, 5, 10 y 20 minutes).

After the treatments the fruits were stored at 15ºC during three weeks in order to determine the effects of radiation on several quality parameters. Weekly, a lot of fruits of each cultivar and treatment was analyzed for firmness, weight loss, external appearance, colour and rots. Total soluble content (TSS) and titratable acidity (TA) were assessed at beginning and the end of experiment.

No significant differences in both weight loss and firmness were detected in the fruit irradiated with UV-C and the control. UV-C illumination had no effect on the changes in fruit colour and TSC and TA. The most common decay incidence was identified as Rhizopus and decay was reduced by UV-C light treatment in all cultivars compared to control fruit.


Yellow bell pepper fruit response to postharvest UV-C radiation
Juan L. Valenzuela (1), Liliana Alfaro-Sifuentes (1), Catherine Jacquin (2), M. Antonia Elorrieta (3)
(1) Dpto. Biología y Geología, E.S.I. Universidad de Almería, 04120 Almería, Spain
(2) Dpto. de Higiene agroalimentaria, Labcolor, Coexphal, Almería, Spain
(3) Dpto. Fitopatología, Labcolor, Coexphal, Almería, Spain
VIII International Postharvest Symposium, Cartagena, Spain, 21-24 June 2016 


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