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Second Ridder GrodanSeminar Showcases Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture in Almeria, Spain

Second Ridder GrodanSeminar Showcases Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture in Almeria, Spain
  • Innovative topics in the use of irrigation and fertilisers were presented at the event, with the aim of optimising resource efficiency in horticulture


The second Ridder Grodan seminar, a landmark event in sustainable agriculture, was successfully held on November 30th, 2023, in Almeria, Spain. This collaborative effort by Ridder and Grodan united industry experts, Spanish growers, advisors, and key figures in agriculture to explore innovative approaches in irrigation and fertilizer use, aiming to optimize resource efficiency in horticulture.


Innovative Insights from Industry Experts

The seminar featured insightful presentations from Maarten Coelen of Grodan, Francisco Alonso of Ridder, and keynote speaker Peter Stradiot of InnoGreen. Each speaker provided valuable perspectives on advancing agricultural practices:

  • Maarten Coelen emphasized the significance of substrate balance in water management, showcasing Grodan’s technologies in enhancing greenhouse production efficiency.
  • Francisco Alonso underscored Ridder’s commitment to sustainable practices, presenting advanced tools for modern growing that promise higher returns on investment for growers.
  • Peter Stradiot provided practical tips on greenhouse cultivation, focusing on technological advancements for optimized crop management.


Fostering Sustainable Practices

A central theme of the event was the optimization of irrigation and fertilization techniques. This approach underlines the importance of adapting to plant needs, thus reducing resource waste, and boosting crop yield. Key highlights included:

  • Grodan’s GroSens technology, as discussed by Maarten Coelen, offers crucial data for optimizing water reserves for plants.
  • Francisco Alonso’s emphasis on altering irrigation strategies to mitigate water scarcity and maintain crop productivity.
  • Peter Stradiot’s insights into automated irrigation based on substrate water content and plant biomass measurements, including the use of the Ridder ProDrain sensor.


Collaborative Solutions for Modern Horticulture

The second Ridder Grodan event served as a vital platform for idea exchange among growers, researchers, government representatives, and industry leaders. It highlighted the synergy between technological innovation and environmental responsibility, providing practical solutions for modern horticulture challenges.

In summary, the seminar demonstrated both Ridder’s and Grodan’s dedication to leading the agricultural sector towards more efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced practices. The event marks a significant step in the journey towards sustainable agricultural solutions, ensuring profitable and environmentally responsible farming practices.

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