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Vertical farming: try the Leaf Carrier for 90 days

Vertical farming: try the Leaf Carrier for 90 days
  • Bever Innovations offers 90-day free trial of Leaf Carrier, an innovative product for vertical cultivation

31.01.2023 – ENGLISH
Bever Innovations offers a unique lighting concept for indoor growing to help growers to choose the right lighting solution and maximise their growing area.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced lighting partner for your indoor growing project, then you may be interested in trying the Leaf Carrier Leaf Carrier. The company is currently offering a 90-day free trial so that potential users can evaluate first-hand and experience the innovative indoor growing technology.

Leaf Carrier f

◉ High light uniformity
◉ No heat on plant surface
◉ No burning effects caused by light source
◉ Light engine is fully integrated into the layers
◉ Carrier concept for optimal process flexibility
◉ Multiple spectra (4000K, 6500K, Purple etc.)
◉ Mains connector with easy and reliable twist
and lock system with live breaking capacity (CBC)
◉ Smart technology:
– Plug-and-play self-organizing wireless network
– Intelligent μmol dimming (per layer)
– Switch off unused layers
– Programmable day/night cycle
– API-based application
– Real time feedback (e.g. LED temperature)

Are you interested in testing the Leaf Carrier? Contact the company:

Tel: +31 111 74 54 00

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