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Innovations in horticulture: Arrigoni at GreenTech 2022

Innovations in horticulture: Arrigoni at GreenTech 2022

From 14 to 16 June, in the Amsterdam exhibition centre, the Group will be present with various solutions for the active defence of greenhouse crops


06.06.2022 – ENGLISH
The horticulture of the future is increasingly passing through greenhouse cultivation. Arrigoni, a leading group in the design and manufacturing of agrotextiles, will be present at the main international event in the horticultural sector, the GreenTech in Amsterdam, scheduled from 14 to 16 June.

At stand 345 in Hall 01, visitors will be able to touch all the solutions developed by the Group, from Lirsa agrofilms to Arrigoni agrotextiles, such as Biorete® Air plus, able to ensure complete protection even from the smallest insects (for example thrips), or the Robuxta® range, an ideal fabric for automation applications, to adjust the microclimate of the greenhouse at all times.

The world of horticulture, moreover, is in strong evolution. According to Ismea data, during 2020, in Italy, there were over 1.2 million hectares destined for fruit and vegetable production, of which 3% was represented by vegetables grown in greenhouses. A percentage, the latter, which in recent years has been growing, for a number of reasons: the development of a plant in a protected environment allows you to better manage both the production and the quality of the same. In addition, it is possible to manage and program resources in a much better way, with greater guarantees on the final result and the economic return.

Biorete Air Plus® netting in bell pepper cultivation

Arrigoni, which has always invested in research and development, will present the latest high-tech innovations at the Dutch fair. “We consider it particularly important for our Group to participate in GreenTech – comments CEO Paolo Arrigoni – as the target visitors of this fair coincide with our target customers for horticulture, many of whom come from Northern Europe, where this business is constantly growing”.

Among the different proposals, there will be Robuxta®, screen characterized by high resistance to abrasion, thanks to the additional monofilament that protects the weft band. The temperature management that ensures this protection increases water savings by up to 30% and, at the same time, the LD-Light Diffusion additive inserted in the tape diffuses PAR light (photosynthetically active radiation), useful for plant photosynthesis.

An additional advantage for Robuxta® is the possibility of installing it with automated systems, with the possibility of remotely adjusting, through a computer, the opening and closing of the screens.

Biorete Air Plus® is instead a range of innovative insect screens with monofilament with low denarature (diameter) and high resistance, for greater ventilation and safe production. There are several advantages that this solution guarantees: better ventilation with the same level of protection, reduced temperatures inside greenhouses, reduced occurrence of cryptogamic diseases, better fruit set and plant development, better qualities and sensory properties of plants.

“Climate change – notes Paolo Arrigoni, CEO of the homonymous Group – is among the most difficult but also urgent challenges facing the world of agriculture. To respond to all the threats that loom over agricultural production, it is necessary to think in terms of Active Defense. In other words, we intend to propose to modern agriculture those functional solutions to respond to a multiplicity of increasingly urgent questions, starting with water saving and the reduction or zeroing of chemistry in the field. Without neglecting, however, the durability of our protections.”




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