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Wine grape protection: 30% increases in production with the new Vigne Plus System®

Wine grape protection: 30% increases in production with the new Vigne Plus System®
  • Patented by the Arrigoni Group, the system guarantees shading factor increases of up to 25%
  • New research also being carried out into controlling vineyard temperatures with the Universities of Milan and Palermo


Climate change is a reality with which farmers and grape growers are increasingly having to come to terms. In fact, in the last 30 years the average temperature in the Mediterranean has risen by 1.8° centigrade (source WMO – World Meteorological Organisation). In terms of vines, this has instant effects on the physiology of the plants, on vegetative cycles and, of course, on quality. Taking immediate action to preserve vineyards is therefore a must. Leveraging on its experience in the design and production of agrotextiles for farming, Arrigoni has researched ad hoc forms of vineyard protection, patenting the innovative Vigne Plus System®, a solution consisting of a net and accessories which increases the shading factor by between 23% and 25% while driving up production by up to 30%.

It is common knowledge that temperature influences the physiology of vines. It can accelerate the metabolic activities of the plant, also impacting on the earliness of the harvest. In fact, the ripeness of the fruit is one of the main factors that influences the accumulation of secondary metabolites and determines the varietal characteristics of the grape. As the grapes ripen, their levels of sugar, amino acids, phenols and potassium increase while their organic acid content – and malic acid in particular – falls. Winemaking regions subject to extremely high temperatures or excessive sudden temperature changes may be at an increased risk of sensory degradation. For example, the fruity aroma, acidity and relatively low alcohol content that characterise white wines may be negatively and significantly influenced by these factors.


New research

For this reason, Arrigoni is carrying out various studies both at academic level and in the field. In terms of the former, the company teamed up with the University of Palermo to assess the effects of net covering systems, particularly the Iride® Multi Pro Extra and Scirocco® solutions. The Lombard Group is also working with the University of Milan to evaluate the impact on grape production of the covering of the fruiting zone with “apron” shading systems, using various coverings already available, from the aforementioned Iride® Multi Pro Extra to the Robuxta® LDF White.

The initial results of these studies leave no room for doubt and first and foremost indicate that nets play a significant role in regulating climate effects, reducing the temperature during the day and protecting from associated humidity.

Another key factor is the type of system to adopt for the covering, with the “apron” solution offering the best levels of performance. In fact, this system has a positive effect on the water status of the plants and on chlorophyll content.

Generally speaking, nets are also proving to have a major impact on the phenolic maturity of the grapes in terms of higher quantities of organic acids and lower quantities of sugars, which positively impact on the future quality of the wine.


Vigne Plus System®

Because of these highly encouraging results, Arrigoni has already also patented an ad hoc system for the protection of vineyards. The Vigne Plus System® consists of particular accessories and a net designed to improve vineyard management from the get-go. More specifically, the Vigne Plus System® guarantees the correct shading factor, between 23% and 25% more than the external situation, therefore avoiding qualitative and quantitative problems caused by excess solar radiation. Increases in production, already proven, are in the order of 30%. The Vigne Plus System® also stands out for its quick installation times and multifunctionality: as well as improving the quality of the grapes in a completely natural way, it also protects from hail, wasps and insects. Last but not least, it doesn’t impact on the efficacy of other treatments.

Milena Poledica, Product Developer at Arrigoni, comments: “Our Group is actively committed to developing increasingly effective and sustainable solutions for the winemaking industry, a key sector in many countries across the world but one that is particularly susceptible to the problem of climate change. The research we are carrying out with the support of the academic world aims to assess, also thanks to specific instruments, the effects of our coverings and the best performing protection systems in order to provide professional winemakers with the quickest, most effective and most targeted solutions possible.”


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