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Peppers, tomatoes, aubergines: Arrigoni presents the new Prisma® Ldf Strong screen 

Peppers, tomatoes, aubergines: Arrigoni presents the new Prisma® Ldf Strong screen 
  • The ground-breaking high-tech agrotextile will be presented on stand 01.345 at the GreenTech show in Amsterdam from 13 to 15 June

31.05.2023 – ENGLISH
More efficient photosynthesis, higher yields and better quality output, and lower crop water consumption: these are the functions of Prisma® Ldf Strong the revolutionary new Arrigoni product for protecting Solanaceae. The agrotextile will be presented from 13 to 15 June at GreenTech, the international horticulture show, on stand 01.345 (Amsterdam).

The new screen is an even higher-performing, more efficient evolution of Prisma® Ldf: Prisma® Ldf Strong includes and builds on the distinctive features of the entire Prisma® family of agrotextiles, first and foremost temperature reduction and better passage of light in the PAR (photosynthesis active radiation) spectrum. This significantly reduces plant scorching damage and improves crop quality and yield. As well as enabling more efficient photosynthesis, the lower temperatures provided also reduce water demand by 20-30%.

However, compared to the already outstanding performance of Prisma® Ldf, the Prisma® Ldf Strong agrotextile delivers: +60% strength; +78% light diffusion percentage; enhanced sunlight shading effect (30%); better control of internal temperature due to reduction in passage of short infrared radiation; and bigger savings on water. Prisma® Ldf Strong is therefore a reinforced heat-reflecting screen that improves the microclimate of the structures where it is installed, with intrinsic characteristics that make it the ideal solution for solanaceous crops, from peppers to tomatoes and aubergines.

The search for state-of-the-art solutions to protect Solanaceae has become a top priority within agriculture. According to Faostat data, peppers, tomatoes and aubergines continue to be some of the most widely grown crops. In 2020, the quantities produced were 60.2 million tonnes, 182.3 million tonnes and 58.4 million tonnes respectively. If potatoes, which belong to the same family, are added, the overall total is 388.2 million tonnes. These crops face a variety of threats. As well as coping with weather conditions, farmers also have to fend off attacks from aphids (which feed on the plants’ sap and may cause leaf malformations and stunted growth), thrip (which may damage leaves and flowers), lepidopteran pests, mites and shield beetles.

Arrigoni screens are the most effective answer to all these needs. What’s more, Arrigoni solutions for protecting Solanaceae do not stop here. The company has the right technical solution for every location’s climate and the cultivation requirements.

Biorete® Air Plus, is the range of insect nets consisting of a dense mesh of tough, lightweight polyethylene monofilaments which provide targeted protection against various types of insects and enable better ventilation even in hot climates. Arrigoni’s innovative Biorete® Air Plus insect net screens are the genuine alternative to pesticides for protecting crops against insect pests and the viruses they may carry. Arrigoni insect nets are woven from Arlene HT® monofilaments, stronger and thinner than the standard types and with a stable, even textile structure. They provide crops with better ventilation combined with the highest level of insect protection.

Arricover® on the other hand, is the multifunction screen now being adopted more and more widely in both the open field and greenhouses. This bioclimatic screen provides crops with an ideal microclimate, with internal temperatures higher than those outside. This solution thus encourages seedling growth and saves energy. It also prevents plant stress by controlling fundamental temperature and humidity parameters, and by preventing the formation of condensate it also combats mould.

Another useful alternative are Lirsa brand diffusive agrofilms, designed to distribute sunlight evenly inside the greenhouse by reflecting it in different directions, ensuring that it penetrates more effectively. Last but not least, Arrigoni products can be combined to design real Net-Houses, innovative growing structures that provide just the right halfway solution between open field and greenhouse cultivation.

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