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Meet the NEW Plant Canopy Imager!

Meet the NEW Plant Canopy Imager!

The NEW Plant Canopy Imager is arriving at universities and research institutions all over the world to assist researchers in their studies. Drª. Catherine Simpson and her work with the new CI-110 Plant Canopy Imager.

Dr. Catherine Simpson is an Assistant Professor at the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Citrus Center in Weslaco, Texas.

“Dr. Simpson runs the Citrus Physiology and Sustainability Lab and conducts whole-systems research on citrus. Her current research is focusing on improving plant health through nutrition and management strategies, improving citrus water use efficiency and irrigation, and studying tree responses to stress. Quantifying physiological responses to disease, environment, and other factors is extremely important in citrus.Tree canopy thinning, leaf area reduction, and overall canopy volume are often affected by diseases, nutrition, and water stress giving a good indication of tree health and potential decline. Being able to quantify these factors and evaluate if treatments improve recovery and increase tree canopy is important to the research being conducted.”

The NEW Plant Canopy Imager CI-110 captures wide-angle canopy images while estimating Leaf Area Index (LAI) and measuring Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) levels. Images live-update on the built-in capacitive monitor, providing instant data for verification and analysis with integrated software in the field under any daylight conditions. User-selected zenith and azimuthal divisions allow investigation of any canopy sectors desired, and the instrument’s light-weight design makes it convenient for canopy imaging in any location! Now with updated GPS accuracy with access to four different satellite constellations, and the ability to interchange lens filters over the camera for more specific measurements.

The CI-110 directly measures:

-Gap fraction, or visible sky, through the image captured
-Photosynthetically active radiation through the 24-PAR sensors along the instrument’s arm
-Sunflecks through the PAR sensors
-Location and orientation by the installed GPS and compass

The CI-110 calculates:

-Leaf area index (LAI)
-Leaf angle distribution
-Extinction coefficients

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