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New book with all about the peach and nectarin

New book with all about the peach and nectarin

“Peach”, published 2023, and edited by G.A. Manganaris, G. Costa, and C.H. Crisosto, with chapters by an international team of expert authors

Peach is a highly valuable temperate fruit crop with significant consumer demand and nutraceutical benefits. This book provides comprehensive and up-to-date coverage on sustainable production processes for peach and nectarine. The latter is a natural mutation of peach that lacks fuzzy skin. It includes fundamental information to help reduce production risks for growers, improve fruit quality, and increase potential market returns, whilst addressing current emerging issues such as climate change and shifting global and regional production practices.

The book “Peach” is a CABI publication edited June 2023 by George Athanasios Manganaris, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus, Guglielmo Costa, University of Bologna, Italy, Carlos H Crisosto, University of California, Davis, USA

With 424 pp, belongs to the CABI Series Crop Production Science in Horticulture, and is highly illustrated in full colour.

It provides comprehensive, fundamental and up-to-date information on the production processes for fresh market and canning peach and nectarine, including orchard establishment, production, postharvest handling and uses.

Written by an international team of expert authors and highly illustrated in full colour throughout, Peach presents information in an organized and easy-to-follow manner, with content including:


Peach tree architecture
In-field operations (irrigation, fertilization, thinning, harvest)
Fruit quality, composition and nutritional benefits
Peach fruit growth, development and ripening physiology
Postharvest technology, including supply chain management protocols
Preharvest and postharvest diseases
Biology and management of insect pests
The peach canning industry

“This is an essential resource for students and researchers in horticulture, as well as professionals in pomology including fruit growers, consultants and extension specialists, and cold storage and transportation managers.”

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Peach: An Introduction
George A. Manganaris, Silviero Sansavini, Tom M. Gradziel, Daniele Bassi, Carlos H. Crisosto

Peach Tree Architecture: Training Systems and Pruning
Ignasi Iglesias, Gregory L. Reighard, Gregory Lang

Peach Rootstock Development and Performance
Ioannis S. Minas, María Ángeles Moreno, Brendon M. Anthony, Jeff R. Pieper, Gregory L. Reighard

Daniele Bassi, Marco Cirilli, Stefano Foschi, Ignasi Iglesias, Daniela Giovannini, Maria L. Badenes, Ksenija Gasic

Irrigation and Water Management
Brunella Morandi, Cristos Xiloyannis, Bartolomeo Dichio

Fertilization and Plant Nutrient Management
Juan Carlos Melgar, Bartolomeo Dichio, Cristos Xiloyannis

Fruit Thinning
Guglielmo Costa, Alessandro Botton, Carlos H. Crisosto

Peach Fruit Growth, Development, Ripening and Postharvest Physiology
Pietro Tonutti, Claudio Bonghi, Maria F. Drincovich, Livio Trainotti

Non-Destructive Peach Fruit Maturity and Quality Assessment
Ioannis S. Minas, Brendon M. Anthony, Pavlina Drogoudi, Guglielmo Costa

Postharvest Supply-Chain Management Protocols and Handling of Physiological Disorders
George A. Manganaris, Ariel R. Vicente, Gemma Echeverría, Carlos H. Crisosto

Peach Fruit Quality: Components, Composition, and Nutritional and Health Benefits
Gemma Reig, Luis Cisneros-Zevallos, Guglielmo Costa, Carlos H. Crisosto

Common Preharvest Diseases of Peach and Nectarine Caused by Fungi and Bacteria: Biology, Epidemiology and Management
James E. Adaskaveg, Guido Schnabel, David F. Ritchie, Helga Förster

Major Postharvest Diseases of Peach and Nectarine with a Review of Their Management
James E. Adaskaveg, Helga Förster

Biology and Management of Insect Pests
Nikos T. Papadopoulos, Brett R. Blaauw, Panagiotis Milonas, Anne L. Nielsen

The Peach Canning Industry
George A. Manganaris, Thomas M. Gradziel, Marina Christofi, Carlos H. Crisosto

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