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Modula-PRO seeder, machine control via user display

Modula-PRO seeder, machine control via user display
Forigo Roteritalia exhibits the Modula-PRO seeder during Fruit Logistica 2019 Hall 5.1 B-04

The Modula-PRO is an innovative electronic plastic-layer seeder designed for spreading seed with mulch film. It consists of a shredder with a special cutting system and seed drill that receives the seed from an upper feeder unit and deposits it in the ground. The seed elements are movable for maximum flexibility in controlling seed spacing in the soil. Each seed feeder is equipped with an optical sensor to track the path of the seeds through the piercing element.

The seeding elements interact with a CAN-BUS system, making it possible to control the Modula PRO via user display. The main feature of the display is the CAN system, which records all machine, sowing and maintenance data. The quincunx seeding system can be activated or deactivated directly from the driver’s position, which allows the seeds to be laid alternately.

Other machines by Forigo Roteritalia include stone buriers, including a folding model; bed former, sterilizers (liquid and dry), rotary tiller, and rotary tiller bed fomer, power harrowers and power harrow /crust breaker (Polyformer).

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