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Arrigoni, sustainability in agriculture with a new video

Arrigoni, sustainability in agriculture with a new video

The Arrigoni Group, leader in the agrotextile sector, is engaged daily in the research, creation and development of agricultural solutions that contribute to crop protection, water saving and the reduction of the use of phytochemicals, as well as increasing the sustainability of its products. A new video talks about environmental sustainability combined with better harvests


13.12.2021 – ENGLISH
“Green healthcare”: this is the philosophy of the group. European leader in technical textile applications for agriculture with more than 60 years of history, Arrigoni addresses environmental issues by combining sustainability and entrepreneurship in the company’s DNA.

It is precisely on these two themes that Arrigoni has focused the new communication campaign, starting with an original corporate video that tells how its sustainable high technology applied to agriculture can be the key to meeting the planet’s environmental challenges: feeding 9 billion people, preserving soils from degradation and pollution and water from intensive exploitation, growing healthy products in abundance by minimizing the use of pesticides, while protecting crops from the most extreme weather events.

The video introduces the audience to the concepts that inspire Arrigoni’s mission and uses the language of documentaries on environmental issues. The challenge is to contribute with agrotextile solutions to the development of innovative agriculture, responding to the problems of the present and the future: fight against climate change, population growth, waste reduction and recycling.

The video tells the story of Arrigoni’s response with a journey through the group’s projects and products, their use by many customers in Italy and Europe, the commitment and responsibility of a leading company in maintaining and improving the health conditions of our planet. The video can be viewed at the following link.

“The sustainability of our agrotextiles is one of our priorities: indeed, we find a kind of alliance between agrotextiles and nature, capable of promoting greater harmony in agriculture. Through our work, we want to change the way food is produced and consumed,” says Paolo Arrigoni, CEO of the company. “For crops, harmony means growing and developing in a favorable environment. This can be created thanks to our “House of nettings”, innovative screens that allow plants to “dialogue” and relate to the territory, thus absorbing the power of nature – air, water, sun – while benefiting from protection against external climatic events and insect attacks”.

It is thanks to this approach that the company has created its products, the “Green Healthcare” solutions, which are sold in 72 countries around the world. Science at the service of environmental sustainability in agriculture, to have a healthy and quality food and for more and more people. “Innovative agriculture is the commitment, the responsibility, towards future generations to maintain and improve the environmental conditions of the planet,” explains Paolo Arrigoni, CEO of the company.

What does innovative agriculture mean for Arrigoni?

Reduction of the use of plant protection products

Arrigoni responds to plant pathology challenges through its agrotextiles, first of all Biorete® Air Plus, the range of highly breathable insect nets that reduce the need to use phytosanitary products.

Water saving

Prisma® and Robuxta® are heat-reflecting screens that ensure correct irradiation, increase the percentage of diffuse light and maintain the ideal temperature, thus reducing the irrigation needs of plants by up to 30%.

Increased productivity

By protecting the plant from various environmental threats (climatic and phytopathological), agrotextiles allow the plant to grow more and in a healthier way, with a consequent increase in crop productivity. Not only that: thanks to the thermo-reflective effect of some products, such as Prisma, which reduces the temperature inside greenhouses, the well-being of workers is also preserved.

Reducing the impact of culture on the environment

The Group has developed solutions that limit the chemical drift of spray residues from plant protection products. Anti-deriva Gray® and Anti-deriva Gray Pro® fabrics prevent contamination of contiguous fields. Not only that: Arrigoni agrotextiles aim to increase sustainability, with an average duration of 10 years. This offers savings to farmers and allows the use of a smaller amount of raw material, polyethylene, which is purchased by the best European producers of virgin pellets: the mono-material also promotes better recycling at the end of the product’s life.

Reduce the carbon footprint

It has been shown (*) that the use of an Arrigoni agrotextile in the field throughout its average life cycle of 10 years not only compensates, but overcomes the carbon footprint impact due to its production. This is due to the positive impact in terms of CO2 removal caused by growing plants under the textile cover. Finally, an additional commitment to the environment: 30% of the energy useful to the production process of Arrigoni’s production plants comes from renewable sources.

ForArrigoni agrotextiles, crops can therefore grow anywhere in ideal conditions, producing more fruit, loaded with all essential nutrients and thus contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: end hunger, ensure food security and improve nutrition, promote sustainable agriculture and contribute to the European Union’s Farm to Fork strategy, the core of the “Green Deal” for Europe.

About the company

The ARRIGONI Group has been active in the technical textile sector since 1936. In 1959 it began manufacturing polyethylene mesh fabrics. Today it has more than fifty years of experience in the protective shield segment. The group’s three manufacturing units occupy a total area of 110,000 m2; the covered surface area is 39,000 m2.

Arrigoni’s textile industry has 8 high-tech yarn extrusion lines, 126 textile machines and 25 converting lines. The direct employees are 160, the annual production capacity is more than 6000 tons/year of mesh fabrics, equal to 75 million square metres (7500 hectares) of an average weight mesh.

Arrigoni designs, manufactures and distributes innovative agrotextile products for better climate control and healthier and safer food production and other outdoor fabrics for technical and/or environmental uses. Its team of engineers, technicians and agronomists works assiduously for a greener and more sustainable world. Today it is a European leader in technical textile applications for agriculture.


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