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Develop new “California strawberry substrate trough” for gutter growing

Develop new “California strawberry substrate trough” for gutter growing

Developments in soft fruit are in full swing in California, USA. The demand for a suitable reusable strawberry-growing trough for gutter systems in California is part of this development. Beekenkamp is meeting this demand with a new strawberry-growing trough, the “California strawberry substrate trough”.

Beekenkamp’s “California strawberry substrate trough” is a strong 1-metre growing trough that is a perfect fit for all known gutter systems including Meteor Systems (GM 18-160) and Haygrove Ltd (Haygrove 16/B200). This strawberry substrate trough is also perfect for table top strawberry cultivation systems, which are common in Europe.

Spacious 18 litre capacity enables good strawberry plant management

With a volume of over 18 litres, this is the ideal substrate trough to manage the crop’s feed and watering requirements. 10 – 14 strawberry plants can be planted per substrate trough, depending on the strawberry variety and planting time.

Optimal drainage

The base pattern and drainage holes in the California strawberry substrate trough are arranged to ensure effective drainage of water. This drained water can then be recycled via water return systems. This offers immediate environmental advantages as well as saving on costs, as it is possible to grow plants with considerably less water and fertiliser.

California substrate trough available in 2 versions

Beekenkamp’s California substrate trough can be delivered with truss support. The substrate trough without truss support is more suitable if the grower uses truss tape. The feet beneath the substrate trough are 13,5 mm in height. The substrate trough is lightweight and its smart and sturdy construction ensures that the trough sides hold their shape when the substrate trough is filled.

Sustainable reuse

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen develops plastic products from sustainable PP recycled material that is suitable for long-term use. Beekenkamp uses materials than can be steamed and washed, enabling the substrate troughs to be reused each season. We can offer these California strawberry substrate troughs at a competitive price. Please feel free to ask for a quotation and a sample Beekenkamp California strawberry substrate trough.

An overview of all specifications

Type 7419: California strawberry substrate trough (1 m) 

    • pallet number: 894 items
    • 40ft HC container: 19,668 items

Type 7418: California strawberry substrate trough with truss support (1 m) 

    • pallet number: 745 items
    • 40ft HC container: 16,390 items

Foot height: 13,5 mm

Suitable for various types of gutter:

    • Meteor GM 18- 160
    • Haygrove 16
    • Haygrove B200

Suitable for table top systems
Material: PP recycled material

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