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Golden Trio for 2021

Golden Trio for 2021

Fleuroselect proudly presents the Golden Trio for 2021! Each one of these breeding breakthroughs obtained an outstanding score on innovation, beauty and garden performance, convincing our judges and Entries & Evaluation Committee to award the coveted Gold Medal.

Celosia argentea
Sol™ Gekko Green
PanAmerican Seed

Feel like adding a different look and texture to your patio or border? With Foliage Celosia Sol™ Gekko Green, PanAmerican Seed expands the options for sun-loving foliage accent plants in containers as well as for quick-growing, low, shrub-like plants that look wonderful at the front of the border. This Celosia flowers very late and the flowers don’t draw the attention away from the unique bicolour green burgundy foliage.

Sol™ Gekko Green allows for a fast production schedule and has no downy mildew issues. It holds very well on the shelves, offering retailers more options for the patio and garden. The judges praised the beautiful colour contrast and the outstanding garden performance and see a huge commercial potential for this Celosia not only in mixed containers but also in landscaping.

Add some fun foliage to your garden with Celosia Sol™ Gekko Green!

Delphinium grandiflorum
Cheer Blue

A popular cut flower in Japan, Delphinium grandiflorum is now also available in a dwarf version for pots and containers. Thanks to its clear blue colour and short stems with upward flowers without any spurs, Cheer Blue genuinely catches the eye.

This Delphinium is an F1 hybrid with lots of growing vigour and a high degree of uniformity which requires little production time. Retailers will warmly welcome Cheer Blue with its huge, bright flowers as an exciting addition to the blue colour range.

The Fleuroselect-judges described Cheer Blue’s flower colour as ‘innovative’ and ‘striking’ and praised the uniformity and garden performance of this new Delphinium.

Cheer Blue, a hint of Japanese serenity for the garden.

Rudbeckia hirta
Amarillo Gold

A golden yellow splendour, that’s what Amarillo Gold brings to containers and bedding. This latest prize-winning Rudbeckia hirta by Benary displays an abundance of large green disc flowers with golden inner ray petals radiating to yellow on the tips.

Growers will appreciate the easy and fast production scheme, retailers will adore the large flowers on short stems offering additional options for containers, baskets and front/middle line bedding.

Amarillo Gold flowers very early and is highly uniform in plant shape and colour. Its flowers proved bigger than the comparison varieties in trial and the judges were impressed by the ‘abundance of attractive flowers on shorter, sturdy stems’, predicting a promising commercial future for this new Rudbeckia.

Amarillo Gold, a striking yellow glow for the patio or terrace.








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