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GreenTech Americas Programmme Focuses on Two Main Themes

GreenTech Americas Programmme Focuses on Two Main Themes

GreenTech Americas rescheduled to 16 – 18 March 2021


Actualizado 12.06.2020 – INFOMERCIAL
During GreenTech Americas fifty Mexican and international speakers will present various topics for ‘crop optimization in protected horticulture’ and ‘strategic themes focused on business and investment’. The objective is to present trends, knowledge and new solutions to all levels of professionals in the horticultural industry of Latin America. The show and programmme will be held from 16 – 18 March 2021, at the Congress Center, Querétaro Mexico.


Within the framework of the event, a programmme of conferences and panels is developed with 2 main themes 1: Crop optimization and 2: Business and investment. A few of the many highlights are:

    • Saber Merismailli, CEO of Ecoation, talks about “How artificial intelligence can help us grow clean food. And how early detection of issues can increase the revenue in your greenhouse”;
    • Chris Higgins, Hort Americas, tells you all you want to know about vertical farms. “Do vertical farms build stronger plants? How will the vertical farming industry develop and how does it impact you?”;
    • Peter Hendriks, director of, gives an update about big data. “Big data is no longer a stranger. How can you implement it to your business?”;
    • “The world’s population is growing and with it the demand for raw materials. However, the supply of crucial raw materials is limited”. A delegate of The World Bank explains the importance of Circular Economy, trends and developments for a sustainable future;
    • Héctor Manuel Cotero, Dummen Orange, discusses the trends in high quality flower production. “What are the latest technologies and trends in this industry?’.

Experts and panel leaders

To name a few of the experts who will participate:

    • Erik J. Plaisier, Agricultural Counsellor for Mexico and Cuba, Nature and Food Embassy of the Netherlands;
    • Aldo Mares, President of the National Association of Exporters of Berries, Aneberries;
    • Oscar Woltman de Vries, General Director of Hortinvest Mexico;
    • Ricardo Martínez, Director General de Asesores en Invernaderos;
    • Alfonso Torres, Director General, Koppert Mexico, Koppert Biological Systems;
    • Edison Torrado León, Founder of Naturavisión;
    • Mauricio Revah, CEO, United Farms;
    • Paul Arkesteijn, Product Manager & Consultant, Ludvig Svensson;
    • Remy Matt, Manager, Cultilene;
    • Rene Beerkens, Consultant, Hoogendoorn.

About GreenTech Americas

GreenTech Americas is a spin-off of GreenTech Amsterdam with the goal to meet the needs of regional growers, breeders and suppliers. GreenTech Americas will enable a greater exchange of knowledge, experiences, and success stories of the horticultural industry from Mexico and its region. The show is organised by RAI Amsterdam and Tarsus México. Please find more information and to register at

About GreenTech Amsterdam

GreenTech Amsterdam will be held16 – 18 March 2021. The exhibition is a global meeting place for all horticultural technology professionals. GreenTech focuses on the early stages of the horticultural chain and the current issues growers face. All Dutch front runners, greenhouse builders and suppliers are present. Last year a total of 12,489 professionals from 114 countries visited GreenTech Amsterdam.




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