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Sweet cherry, effective and tested solutions from Arrigoni

Sweet cherry, effective and tested solutions from Arrigoni

Field tests have shown excellent performances of Protecta® and Protecta® System for all the most delicate fruits


Cherries and more delicate fruit, such as kiwis, are among the most complex crops. In addition to attacks by insects and birds, they are subject to the risk of cracking and excessive ripening of the fruit, especially due to high rainfall and a hostile external environment. In support of farmers to preserve the quality of these fruits, there is Protecta® by Arrigoni, a protective fabric screen that helps to increase the productivity of orchards and prevent damage caused by external agents.

Protecta®/Acqua Stop by Arrigoni is made of high tenacity Arlene HT® monofilament and contains special additives to increase its durability and facilitate the sliding of rain. The resulting mesh fabric is very dense (39 threads per square centimetre), which allows the drop to be fragmented and the passage of water to be reduced by approximately 90%. In addition, the temperature inside is lowered and this favours the right times in fruit ripening (cherries, red kiwifruit, etc.), with the right fragrance and crunchiness.

In fact, to demonstrate its effectiveness, technical tests were conducted directly in the field: Artes Politecnica, of the Arrigoni Group, conducted specific tests on Italian cherry orchards in various regions of Northern Italy.

The owner of the La Sandrina farm, Aldo Rivoira, installed the Protecta® / Acqua Stop single-layer mesh in his cherry orchard, to protect mainly the “Kordia” and “Regina” varieties, plus a few rows of “Reko” and three varieties of “Sweet”. The choice of Arrigoni protections has been declined in a monobloc structure closed laterally by an anti-insect netting (Biorete®), to have complete protection from Drosophila Suzukii.

This year – testifies Rivoira – I harvested 30 tons of cherries in just 1.60 hectares, finding zero cracking on the Kordia, Regina and Reko varieties, using a single layer of Protecta® / Acqua Stop mesh.

In his orchard in Val di Non, on the other hand, the owner Ernesto Seppi decided to cover his cherries with Protecta® / Acqua Stop mesh, with fabric kept in tension by an ingenious elastic system. After installation – explains Seppi – we detected a difference in internal temperatures of 4-5 degrees compared to the outside and constant ventilation. The result, under the net, was that of a more crunchy fruit with a greater consistency, totally without cracking, with a longer harvest window than the orchard with plastic film.

To combine safe protection from heavy rainfall with that from the most invasive insect species from orchards, Arrigoni has also developed Protecta® System. In this case, the rainproof fabric is integrated by the side barrier provided by Biorete® screens, effective in preventing harmful insects from reaching crops and causing damage to the fruit. The insect protection system consequently reduces the need for pesticides, with therefore sustainable solutions that come to counter attacks by Drosophila Suzukii and other harmful species.


The ARRIGONI group has been active in the technical textile sector since 1936. In 1959 it began manufacturing polyethylene mesh fabrics. Today it has more than fifty years of experience in the protective shield segment. The group’s three manufacturing units occupy a total area of 110,000 m2; the covered surface area is 39,000 m2.

Arrigoni’s textile industry has 8 high-tech yarn extrusion lines, 126 textile machines and 25 converting lines. The direct employees are 160, the annual production capacity is more than 6000 tons/year of mesh fabrics, equal to 75 million square metres (7500 hectares) of an average weight mesh.

Arrigoni designs, manufactures and distributes innovative agrotextile products for better climate control and healthier and safer food production and other outdoor fabrics for technical and/or environmental uses. Its team of engineers, technicians and agronomists works assiduously for a greener and more sustainable world. Today it is a European leader in technical textile applications for agriculture.


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