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Agrosta Copains® Bluetooth Soil Penetrometer

Agrosta Copains® Bluetooth Soil Penetrometer
25-06-2021 – ENGLISH
Agrosta Copains® is an instrument designed for agriculture monitoring. We have co-designed it with Copains Srl in Argentina. Simple, efficient and accurate, it stores the data on your smartphone (Android)


Why using a phone, and which features ?

-Mobile phones usually come with excellent GPS modules
– A smartphone comes with an excellent graphical interface, can display very nice soil profile curves
– It has a processor and can make calculation
– A phone is an excellent tool for storing data : The soil profile curve is stored as image, and the raw data is stored under Excel compatible format (Csv)
The main features are :
– PRESSURE measurement, BLUETOOTH low energy and ULTRASONIC radar inside the main unit
– The main unit comes with a rechargeable BATTERY (2400 mah) and a charger : The consumption is very low
– GPS positioning, DISPLAY and data STORAGE provided by a phone (android – phone not provided) : Just download the free app

Here, the phone is fixed on the device, but it can stay in your pocket, and will still communicate with the penetrometer via bluetooth (Up to 20 meters approx)

We have designed it in 2021, our engineers have tried to make the most simple and robust soil compaction tester (Soil consistency meter) as possible :
– It has no button except the ON/OFF switch
– It provides continuously the GPS position when the satellite is found
– It detects automatically when the user takes a measurement (Once the pressure on the shaft reaches 2 Kg), it displays instantly the penetration distance and the pressure in grams every second
– Once the pressure goes back under 2 Kg, the pressure and distance measurement stop, just press RECORD in order to store the data
Soil consistency meter Technical characteristics :
– Pressures from 2000 grams to 100 000 grams
– Penetration from 0 to 90 cm
– Battery capacity : 2 full days for 2 hour charging
– GPS precision : 1 meter- Load cell precision : +/- 2 grams
– Ultrasonic Radar precision : +/- 1cm – Data provided in grams and cm (10 and 15mm diameter pointed shaft)
Our soil consistency meter comes with :
– The instrument itself
– A 100 cm stainless steel shaft
– 2 tips : 10mm and 15mm diameter
– A 110/220 V charger according to your location (US, EU, GB, Asia)
– A free app to be downloaded
– A plate to be placed on the ground to ensure the bounce of the radar’s ultrasound
Why test soil consistency ?
– Increase yield by increasing root and plant development
– Reduce time and fuel cost by reducing power required to till a field
– Increase soil water content
– Increase the efficiency of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
– Increase the oxygen available for micro life in the soil




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